You may be asking yourself why Coxbox?

Well, it's quite simple really. I was sitting there desperately trying to think of a domain name, and every time I came up with one it had already been taken. Now take in to account this was back in July 2000, these days I can only imagine it would be harder with some many more people and companies now having their own domains. Anyway, I digress, using my naturally deep creative powers I took my surname 'Cox'. Then truly calling on those powers I added 'Box' because I was hosting it on a box (PC). You don't have to say it, creativity like that is so rare as to be scary.

So a Little About Me

You have probably guessed from the above that I am old, not very old, just old enough to be able to use (and with confidence) “I remember when”. I do still have a few more years to go though before “In my day” can be used.

What Comes Next?

I am going to have to put my thinking cap on and decide what to add next. Not sure as yet what it will be, but going to be fun coming up with something.