A Hobby Stalled

I have always had a great passion for photography. Way back, I all but stole my first wife's film based SLR, and now I run with a Canon 7D DSLR.

I have to admit that digital is so much more convenient, you point, you compose, you click and you see the result. Don’t like it, get the Photographic editing software out and start correcting what you couldn’t quite do with the camera.

Now film, that was a completely different beast. For starters, you had to decide on the ISO before you started and once loaded that was it till the roll was done. Then you point, you compose, you checked everything, then you clicked. Now I never went in for home processing of the film stock, mainly because room was an issue, so it was off to the local print shop or chemist.

In the latter days of film you could get one hour processing, but when I first started it could be a week before you got to see what you had shot, A WHOLE WEEK! Every roll had me feeling like a five year old again and waiting for his birthday or Christmas. When they arrived, there was the anticipation on opening the envelope, then the mixed emotions as each was inspected for the failures and the successes, and the best bit was the images you had forgotten having taken but worked.

These day’s I have slowed down a little on the taking of pictures, need a kick up the bottom to get me shooting again. My problem is locally I have pretty much exhausted the usual places. So I need to get the kit packed and in the car to seek out strange locations (maybe not too strange) and new inspirations. 

The link below will take you to another of my sites, and like this one a work in progress, but it has some more of my photos should you be interested.